Thursday, 2 August 2012

Saga Of Pandoria - Help Them Achieve A Dream

I'm not one for pimping out games that you need to check out, and I'm definitely not the kind of guy to advertise a game and beg people to fund it. However, there was something about this game that caught my eye, and struck me at home. It's hard to get into the game development industry, especially when you don't have the funds to do so.

Saga Of Pandoria is a Fantasy-RPG being developed by Team Monkey on the Source Engine, and they're trying to raise $33,000 so they can afford to license the Source Engine and distribute their game as a stand-alone project, and make their dreams come true. Something that hits me right at home, and right in the heart. Everything the team is trying to do with this game is brilliant, and I for one want to see it succeed and not die off like other promising mods/games. But, how about a little detail about this game?

42 Years have past. Long enough for the world to heal. Long enough to forget the horrors of the war that almost claimed not only our lives, but that of our entire world. From the east came the Empire, their mecha and weapons soon overwhelmed the defenders of the Allied Kingdoms but, they were beaten.
Three warrior from the Kingdom Domen stood against the tide of chaos when no one else could. Wielding the powers of the eight great elements of mana, the heroes beat back the empire. However, the aftermath of what we today call the Second Imperial War was high indeed. The Empire lies in ruins, the allied kingdoms threaten to break apart from within, and Mana, the source of all magic, has vanished.
42 years have past, to the east the Empire stirs, the forests of Domen have turned dangerous, fought with monsters and bandits. Now a new generation takes to the defense of the world for now is the time for the Return to Mana.
Inspired by SNES classics, Team Monkey announces a brand new fantasy adventure/RPG for PC. In Saga of Pandoria - Legacy of the eight elements, brings an innovative fresh setting to the PC platform and a full 3 player cooperative playing experience. Fight together with 2 friends to prevent the Empire from rising again and restore peace to the world of Mana.

I can't even begin to explain how badly I want to see this get funded, and how badly I want this in my hands on release. It feels like an RPG I've been waiting for and the fact that it's inspired by SNES classics makes me happy. Not to mention there isn't a huge influx of PC only RPG's and this one seems to really be the one we all want, and deserve. The people at Team Monkey deserve to have their dreams come true, and deserve to have their game release and funded.

Anyways, enough of that rambling. Here's some screenshots, trailer and the link to their IndieGogo page.


  1. may I recommend

    If you truly believe it's worth a chance then maybe you should contact the developers, tell them how you feel about the project and why setting about a kickstarter project would be a good idea. Looks like they've ( the developers) made a lot of progress already and it might be something people will get behind. Worth a shot?

    1. Sadly, the team can't use Kickstarter since they're from Germany. I've contacted them. It's a pretty sad deal that they can't use it.