Friday, 3 August 2012

I'm So Very Nervous

If the picture above isn't enough of a spoiler about this topic, then I'll be blunt & honest. I'm nervous as shit, and my nerves are very shot at the current point in time (the playing of Cry Of Fear hasn't helped).

We've finally released a deadline for when the closed beta for Slender: Source will sent out to certain people, and press. December 2012, is the month and it's closer than I thought. We still have quite a bit of work to do but I'm positive we can have a solid, beta product by then and hopefully push out our initial public release sometime in March or February of 2013. I've really never been this nervous about producing something before because my reputation as a developer is staked on this, and possibly my future as a developer.

If this mod fails, or is received negatively by the community I'll be heart-broken. The entire development team at Ethereal Entertainment has been hard at work developing the mod, and the scares that some members of the team have been getting are hopeful, and making the whole nervous episode of mine less of an issue, and just more of me being a paranoid kind of guy. The amount of support behind this mod is giving us a ton of inspiration to finish this mod, and hopefully provide one of the scariest multiplayer experiences imaginable for players.

A lot of people are worried that we won't be able to scare them with their friends leaping about, and all I ask is have faith. We have a ton of ideas to scare the pants off of you guys, and we're positive we have a solid idea on how to do it. As I type this, I realize I still have a hefty amount of work to do today on the mod, and that I should get cracking on it. December isn't that far away, and I want to provide a solid experience for everyone who's going to be in the closed beta.

Especially the press people who've been covering our mod. I'll leave with one little bit of information, something that should be of some relief to people doubting us, or the people having a ton of faith in us with this mod. Slendy has his base code finished, and he's made our Lead Programmer, and myself both shit ourselves almost. He's terrifying.

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