Wednesday, 8 August 2012

A Scam Artist In Our Midsts

I got a very useful message this morning by a guy who will remain nameless, but he hosts video-game streams. He brought about this guy named "Justin" which is my name, posing as me in these streams saying he created Slender: Source and he's trying to get money for donations towards the game.

Funny thing is, we have not asked for donations yet and have only sold shirts as a form of in-come so we can afford server fees when the mod releases. He also states that this guy is from the UK when I clearly am from Canada.

So, if you see a guy named Justin from the UK asking you to donate money to him for Slender: Source, please ignore it. You'll lose that money, and it won't be put towards anything. It's a scam, and what-not.

I'm really glad this was brought to my attention, I don't want anything happening to our loyal fans.

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