Saturday, 25 August 2012

Meet The Victims - The Characters Of Slender: Source

Making characters for a video game is probably my favorite part of the development process. Getting the entire team together and coming up with ideas of what the people/creatures you meet will look like. Definitely an interesting process, and even though some ideas get shot down, I still enjoy it.

So, as some of you may know we have a total of 4 characters planned for Slender: Source. Each with their own personality, looks, etc. The cool thing is that we have given them each a back-story and past, and it helps explain why Slenderman is following them, and killing them. He likes to track down the 'fucked-up' people so to speak, and each of our characters is fucked up in their own little way.

We've only finished the model for one of them, but here's the characters we'll be having in Slender: Source upon release. We may have more playable characters in the future, but who knows.

(This is Richard. Please ignore the silly moves he's doing. It was testing out his rigging)

Richard () - The all around, normal dude of the group. Richard is a pretty nice guy and doesn't
try getting in on anyone's issues. However, driving home one night he got into a car accident which
killed his younger sister, and he had to watch her pass on. So, sometimes he'll suffer from incidents/nightmares where he believes she still talks to him.

Adam () - Adam is the brains of the group, and the nervous guy. He suffers from a severe case of anxiety. He's the youngest of the group at the ripe age of 15. Adam is from the United Kingdom,but was transferred over to the United States for some special high-school program.

Nathan () - Nathan is the jock/asshole of the group. He treats most of the group like crap, and thinks of himself as a bad-ass. He was negelected from his parents, and was abandoned at the age of 6. However, he was adopted by a hardcore Christian family and rebeled. He swears a lot, and is just an all around jack-ass. He's 21 and still in school because he keeps being held back.

Amy () - Amy is pretty much the school's bicycle. She is called a "whore" and doesn't have the best reputation, and was a victim of rape which she became pregnant. She aborted the child, and now
constantly does cocaine to forget all of her woes, but has OD'd on multiple occasions to the point of almost dying.
So, as you can see each character has their own share of woes and horrible events from their past. It's been a fun process writing their backgrounds, and developing each of them as a character. There's nothing like seeing one of your creations come to life.

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