Sunday, 4 November 2012

Darth Vader in Kingdom Hearts?

With Disney recently buying Lucasfilms, and announcing that they plan on having Star Wars Episode VII to be on the big screen in 2015, lots of speculation has been floating around and come about for the future of the beloved Star Wars franchise. 

The first of the main two concerns being the Episode 7 film. Is it really worth making a new trilogy this late in the game, especially with what plot has been leaked? Could we really be interested in the future of Luke Skywalker, his sister Leia and Han Solo? Let's face it, the actors are a little weary and we'd probably have to get a new cast to play the characters. However, I hope this is in-fact a false rumor and instead I'm hoping the writers (would love to see Joss Whedon) dip a bit into the numerous amount of novels, and video-games. 

Could we handle another prequel trilogy but this time centered around the Sith Lord Revan? Maybe have a trilogy in the bad guy's POV for once. Focus more on the villain again, bring back the glorious memories of Lord Vader, and bring another Sith Lord to life. However, I feel deep down that with the so-called "success" of the Old Republic MMORPG that we can expect a film to be set during that time. This is all speculation and rumors, but who knows what will happen. There's a lot of source material to be used, it just needs to be done right, and let's be honest...the new trilogy isn't that great.

The iconic fight scene between Luke Skywalker, and his father Darth Vader.
Another thing fans have been curious about is if we'll get to see Star Wars characters in future iterations of their largest, and well known gaming franchise "Kingdom Hearts". There isn't a reason to doubt that in a future Kingdom Hearts game we'll see some memorable faces from the Star Wars universe. Darth Vader as a main villain would definitely put some interest back into the series, and could be great marketing strategy as well. Sell the game to Star Wars enthusiasts!

Sure, it would be a little weird to see Darth Vader strolling about with some Disney villains like Scar, or something but it could probably bring up some interesting stories. Besides, could you imagine two of the worlds most well known villains teamed up and taking on Sora and friends? Darth Vader & Sephiroth causing some serious damage. It could spell out some serious "nerd orgasms" for some fans of Kingdom Hearts, Star Wars, and Final Fantasy in general.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

TMSGamer's Top 10 Games Of This Generation

This kid explains my joy with these games on the list.
It's not often that a really stellar game comes out and appeals to me. I'm a really critical person in that aspect, and when a game gets me hooked I'll most likely fall in love with it. This list is essentially a combination of ten games that have really stood out in this generation of consoles (all console games), and let's be honest. This generation has had a lot stinkers. That's right, I'm looking at you GTA4 and Call Of Duty.

This post may be a little biased as I only own an Xbox 360, and never really purchased a Wii or PS3. Luckily, some of these titles are multiplatform. This list is in no specific order, be aware of that.

10. BioShock

It may surprise some people seeing BioShock on this list, but in all honesty it is probably one of the best 360 titles I have ever laid my hands on. It gave us some rather spooky elements, and some memorable moments in gaming "Would You Kindly?". Not to mention the Big Daddy's. These hulking suits of madness were a force to be reckoned with, and at times would essentially fuck your shit up. I went into Bioshock expecting a really mediocre, and cliched shooter but instead got one that appealed to me on all levels, and even scared me a bit too. It's a fantastic game, and is available on a variety of platforms. Pick it up if you haven't.

9. Dragon Age: Origins

Dragon Age: Origins is the epitome of everything I could ever want in an RPG, and it delivered everything so god damn well. DA:O was my Game Of The Year for 2009, and it's still one of my favorite games of all time to this day. I spent countless hours with this game, and even played through it multiple times. It was dark, bloody, violent, and had an amazing story backing the game up. It really spun a new perspective on this genre for me, and holds a very special place in my heart. I worked really hard to get a relationship with Morrigan, and give her my "meat", and in the end she leaves. It was kind of emotional, but everything was tied together well. Brilliant game, but then we got Dragon Age II which was a major stinker. Origins, is a gem and everyone who loves RPG's needs to play this before they die.

8. Gears Of War 2

I don't know if it was the countless hours of drunken gaming with friends, or how well rounded the story, and game felt as a whole. It was really cool to see more from the characters, and the developments in the Marcus & Dominic relationship, especially the culminating scene where Dom finally finds his wife, Maria. Very sad game, lots of sad moments and cool new characters. I also became very attached to the Carmine of this game. Benjamin was my most played character in the multiplayer modes, and the inclusion of the new Horde Mode didn't hurt either. I love this game so very much. Maybe I'm one of the few who preferred this one over Gears Of War 3.

7. Fallout 3

Let it be known that I never really liked Fallout 3 my first time playing the game, didn't get too far in and found it incredibly difficult. Being forced from my friends to buy it, and push through it, I did. I loved this game after giving it the chance, beat the game, and ended up buying all the DLC and loving those as well, well minus the Mothership Zeta. That one kind of fell flat for me, but everything else was solid in this game. Especially taking down all of the Super Mutant Behemoth's and the hilarious situation on the radio if you kill Three-Dog. Tons of insults getting tossed at you from his female replacement. This game was brilliant, and I had a bad habit of using the VATS system every-time I went to kill someone. Fun game, but be sure to put some time into it. It tends to have a slow paced start.

6. Dead Space

Dead Space, the game I was extremely skeptical about because I feared a shitty Doom 3 clone, and let's be honest. Doom 3 wasn't that great either. Dead Space turned out to be one of the most immersive horror titles I have ever played, and kept me on edge all while playing. I enjoyed every minute I spent with this game, and it helped spawn a love for the franchise as a whole. Bought Dead Space 2 on day one, and will be buying Dead Space 3 on day one. Dead Space became one of my favorite series of all time, and is to this day one of my favorite next gen titles. Nothing will change that. Bring on the Necromorphs!

 5. Dark Souls

I hopped into Dark Souls without playing Demons Souls, and was instantly blown away with the way the game presented itself and how god-damn hard it is. I have yet to beat this game, but it's just so addicting. I've developed an addiction to this game to where I'd get my ass kicked, but needed to destroy that boss/enemy. I'd die more times, get frustrated and shut the game off. Only to turn it back on and attempt to kick said bosses ass again. When you do succeed you feel great, and there's been many times where I'd shout out loud about my joy. Fun times, and frustrating times but the reward of doing good feels amazing.

4. Singularity

I'm very late to the ball on this game, but it's just so god-damn brilliant. I've only gotten the chance to touch this game, this year after countless suggestions from my friends to do so. Singularity feels like a love-child to Bioshock (which some people complain about) and something else I can't put my finger on. I love the feeling this game brings to the table, and the whole time-travel element is fucking awesome. There's nothing like weaving through a load of enemies with a shotgun, and aging the last guy into dust. The time-mechanics feel really well done, and good and everything just feels awesome. The tape players provide some background depth into the story, and that makes it enjoyable for me. I have a type of OCD for this kind of thing, and it's essentially my kryptonite trying to find these tape players. I need to recommend this game to my friends now, who have yet to play it.

3. Dead Space 2

It's not often I like a sequel more than the predecessor, but Dead Space 2 is just the case. It improved on everything I loved in the original game. It made Isaac seem more like a character, and the environments seemed way more terrifying, especially with some of the new enemies we get to encounter. It did have its mis-steps, but it was still a really awesome game. I may even be one of the few who actually enjoyed the multiplayer component. Dead Space 2 felt scarier than the previous title because it just felt more tense. Especially revisiting the USG Ishimura, that was by far the most spine-tingling experience I had with the game. Mainly because you don't see any enemies, and just hear weird sounds for half an hour. Tense game, terrifying moments. Loved it. Bring on Dead Space 3.

2. Mass Effect 2

The best game in the series by far, and one of my favorite games of all time. Mass Effect 2 had it all. A solid story-line, amazing writing, solid characters and stellar gun-play. There wasn't a thing I disliked about this game, and it was my Game Of The Year for 2010. There was just something about this title that made me fall in love with everything, and develop a huge man-crush on Thane on Garrus (well, the Garrus man-crush carried over from ME1). Just getting to see my crew again, and uncover the whole plot was exciting. Plus, that final mission was so god damn intense and awesome. Emotions flowed seeing some people die due to my poor choices. Love this game!

1. Mortal Kombat

Remember, these lists are in no specific order. Mortal Kombat did something very astounding, and that was renew my love for the fighting game genre, and Mortal Kombat for that matter. Seeing the game go back to its roots made me extremely happy as a fan, and the countless hours of time sunk into playing this game would probably be a good indicator of how much I enjoyed it. Learning combos, and defeating people felt so good because I've always been rubbish at fighting games. Then, the addition of the King Of The Hill mode was just purely awesome. There was nothing like getting 8 friends together and trash-talking, cracking jokes, and having a good time while fighting. It was also nice to be able to spectate the fights as your Xbox Live avatar, and rate the fight at the end from 0-10. A lot of us would be dicks and give our friends a 1, or 2 for an extremely epic fight. We did it very few times, and it always caused laughs. I truly, truly love this game. This could be because it brought back glorious memories of my child-hood.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Primal Carnage: Beta Impressions

Walking through the jungle, the only sound you hear is the steady rhythm of your heart. Then bam, eaten by a dinosaur.
Primal Carnage is a video game developed by Lukewarm Media where players can take the role from one of five classes on two teams. First, you have the classic, and standard Human team which varies from the Commando. A large, muscular black man who wields a fairly large assault rifle that shoots grenades, and he just looks bad-ass. To the insane, and carnage causing Pyro who seems to be a (Scottish?) man dressed in some rather "unique" gear and wields a flamethrower with a chainsaw attachment. If you want bad-ass, he's got it.

Then we have the dinosaur team, and probably the team everyone loves playing because...well you can run around as a T-Rex and eat people. Who doesn't want to do that? Plus it feels pretty damn awesome. I haven't gotten a chance to touch most of the dinosaur classes, but I did mess around a bit with the Rex (of course) and the Velociraptor and have to say both have decent enough controls. I find the dinosaurs hard to control, and actually prefer playing as a human. Could just be me fumbling as I'm not really a person to play competitive/fps games on PC.

Hopefully they add some X360 controller support later on (or I might have bypassed it). I'd probably feel much more comfortable attempting the game, but it's still a blast. The game is currently only in the beta right now, and you can gain access by pre-ordering the game on Steam for $14.99

It can be quite a blast, and if you need more confirmation here's a video of me playing it and well..getting eaten a lot.

Friday, 28 September 2012

Faceless (Slender: Source) IndieGogo

We've started an Indiegogo campaign for Faceless so we can provide a multitude of dedicated servers for the closed beta, and when we launch the full version of the mod in December. People who donate to the campaign will receive closed beta access, contributor status for our forums, the ability to have their face put on a poster, and even have themselves as a playable character in the future.

The donations would really help a lot, and allow us to make Faceless more accessible to the world and allow people to hop right into the mod and play without having to create their own servers all the time. It will be easier for everyone, and that's all we want to achieve with this campaign. Is to give the community a more solid experience with Faceless, and with the community surrounding it.

And remember, closed beta testers get to play with the development team.

You can support the mod here -

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Resident Evil: Retribution | Review

For someone who is a fan of the Resident Evil franchise (not of late sadly) seeing the Resident Evil films could possibly be some of the worst kind of heart-ache we can experience as fans. The films have slowly been deteriorating since the second film, and we've now been given something that doesn't seem to be related at all to the franchise, and just slaps the name on there to make a few quick bucks, but I digress. Let's get to the review, shall we?

Warning, this review contains spoilers. Do not continue if you haven't seen the film, nor do you want it spoiled. 

The film opens up with a gigantic slow-motion, reversal that lasts around 6 minutes and essentially explains what happens between the 4th and 5th films, it could be shorter than 6 minutes, or even longer. All I know was that it was a complete waste of time, and was possibly only added to the film to increase screen time. I could be wrong, but this film is plagued with pointless slow-mo and in the end it just feels like they didn't have enough footage, and decided to slap some slow motion bullshit onto almost everything.

In this horrible "intro" we see the after-match of what happens when Umbrella arrives. If you saw the previous film "Afterlife" you may remember the scene where Jill Valentine, and a bunch of Umbrella soldiers are flying towards the giant ship where Alice, and friends are. This "little" intro basically is used to explain some story, and explain what happens between the films. All I had to say was it felt pointless, and it served little to no purpose in my eyes.

I have a feeling Paul Anderson was sitting in the Director's chair and thought "How can I make this film longer. Oh, a pointless intro and we can slap my slow-mo craving cock all over it." Honestly, it's fucking annoying and just made me annoyed the entire time. I wanted to get to the actual film, not this horrible excuse for an intro.

The worst part? Alice taking out a helicopter from a few hundred feet with shotguns..loaded with coins. Yes, kids. Coins.

Alice using her shotguns loaded with coins.
Either way, after we deal with the annoying reversed, slow-mo bullshit we get the typical "My Name is Alice" speech we've gotten in the past couple of films, and honestly do we really need that speech at the beginning of every RE film now? We know you're Alice, we know you worked for Umbrella. I'm just really glad Paul Anderson didn't waste any of his "talent" writing anymore speeches, and cool/inspiring dialogue. Instead, we get the same boring, old speech about Milla's character saying her name is Alice.

That was sarcasm, if you couldn't catch it. Seriously though, fuck this intro. After the little speech we then get to watch the entire intro sequence, but not in reverse. That's right, we get to watch it normally. So add another few minutes onto that intro, and you eventually come out with a ten minute intro, that just feels bogged down, and purely made to make the film longer.

But come, on really? Making us watch the same sequence like that is completely boring. I was almost ready to leave the theater at this point, and we weren't even 20 minutes into the film.

The best part of this intro? Jill Valentine (played by the smoking Sienna Guillory) zip-lining down in a tigh-ass suit, and shooting off some guns. Probably the best part of the intro, and still the intro sucked ass.


Then we get tossed into a rather confusing situation. Alice is in a home and seems to be living a normal life. She has a daughter named "Becky" who seems to be deaf, and she has a husband named Todd. Who is no other than a clone of the late/deceased "Carlos Olivera" (Oded Fehr). It shouldn't take the average person long to realize he's a clone, considering he was killed off in Extinction, and that this situation is not real, and could be part of Alice's subconscious.

This turns out to be false when their home is invaded by "zombies" (those bullshit zombies from Resident Evil 5) and kill Carlos/Todd and then pursue Alice, and Todd through-out the home. Eventually Alice kills two of the zombies, and tries escaping with her daughter, before getting Becky to hide as the now zombiefied Todd/Carlos attacks her. And as a typical/cliched "cliffhanger" it cuts to black.

My only complaint is how did they end up cloning Carlos? Paul Anderson stated in some interviews that the clones were cloned after the deaths of the characters. Here's my question. How the fuck could Umbrella clone Carlos when he was incinerated, leaving nothing of him left in Extinction? It would be impossible to clone him from that, and I highly doubt Umbrella was keeping DNA samples of everyone from the staff, etc. It clearly stated that they were cloned from their dead bodies.

Nice plot-hole.

Alice then wakes up, again in a strange facility and from the floor we instantly recognize it has something to do with Umbrella. A voice pops over the intercom and we realize it's Jill Valentine, and she starts asking Alice whom she works for, and apparently Alice is supposed to say Umbrella or suffer the consequences. I was expecting her to get injured, but all that happened was some high-frequency sounds that made her pass out. Kind of underwhelming. But, before you know it the power turns off and Alice escapes, wearing some really stupid outfit that has no purpose other than sex appeal.

Remember kids, in a survival situation make sure to pack your sexual clothing. Never know who may be watching. If I was in a zombie outbreak/ or any type of situation I wouldn't want someone running about in skimpy clothing.

Sex appeal clothing in-bound.

She escapes the room, and arrives in what appears to be Tokyo, and she breaks into a police car and magically finds a gun. That's convenient isn't it? Either way, she grabs the gun and out of no-where it begins pouring rain, and people begin walking about. Confused, Alice stands there surveying the situation before a zombiefied girl attacks a man, and then soon an entire horde of the undead is hot on Alice's tail.

A giant pair of doors open in-front of her, and we're graced with yet another slow-motion sequence of Alice running towards the doors, and dispatching the undead. She gets inside the building, we get a few minute break and then BAM, more zombies and another slow motion sequence as she begins fighting the horde of zombies.

It was at this point when I had lost all hope for this film (hardly had any to begin with). I even annoyed a couple of annoying teen girls behind me too at this point in the film. I threw my hands up in the air, sighed and said "Really?". Not long after I was called an idiot, and told to shut up.

Either way, Alice quickly dispatches these zombies with some ridiculous back-flipping, acrobatic crap before continuing on to the next room, and being greeted with a bunch of dead people, and Ada Wong. One of the more interesting Resident Evil characters.

Ada Wong was portrayed poorly in the film. In the games we expect a character who always knows what she's doing, and to not exactly "care" much about others. In the film we get an emotional/seemingly timid character who ends up getting caught at the end of the film. It didn't feel one bit like Ada Wong, and it's the same feeling for Leon Kennedy, and Barry Burton in this film, but I won't discuss that till later. It just feels like they only added them for fan appeal, oh wait. That's the only reason, Paul Anderson even said so.

We soon find out that Ada is working for Albert Wesker, and that he survived the explosion from the previous film. He eventually says he needs the help of Alice because humanity is on the brink of extinction, and they need the ultimate weapon. So wait. Albert Wesker went from being a complete douche, and wanting to kill Alice to wanting to recruit Alice to his "good guy" cause and help eliminate the BOWs they unleashed when he was in control of Umbrella? That just seems fucking ridiculous. Plus the whole fact that the Red Queen has taken over Umbrella, and leaving Wesker powerless. Wasn't the Red Queen destroyed in the first film? Yes, she was. This makes no sense how she's in this new facility, and doing what she does. The Red Queen was based off of Charles Ashford's daughter, and he was the one who designed the program. Since he was killed in the second film, there's no way the Red Queen could of been re-built. PLOT HOLE.

Either way, Alice follows Ada through-out the facility and they start fighting off some of the bio-organic weapons (BOWs) and eventually they come to a rather quaint house where we saw Alice earlier with the Carlos clone, and we see a dead Alice lying on the ground, and we instantly realize it's a clone, which I think all the smart people realized right away. Alice moves on without any remorse, and goes up the stairs, dispatches a random zombie and her deaf "daughter" Becky comes running up to her and hugs her. Alice has no idea who she is, and Becky thinks it's her mom. Unaware of the corpse down-stairs.

Deaf-daughter Becky.
I'm just mildly confused at this, because for most of the film Becky believes Alice to be her mother, even though Becky herself is a clone and Ada explains the harsh reality that there's no point in having her tag along. And right after this whole sequence they go downstairs and are pretty much in the vicinity where the dead body of the Alice clone, whom Becky called her mother previously was. How could she not notice her dead "mother" lying on the floor? Fucking confuses me, but I guess they had some sort of plot/story to follow with Becky. No matter how painful it is to watch.

Then bam! Without a moment's notice a bunch of Umbrella goons are standing out-side the house, ready to kill Becky, Alice and Ada. In the group we get another Carlos Olivera, Rain Ocampo from the first film (who died in the end by getting shot in the head) and One. The guy who was chopped to pieces by the Red Queen's laser grid system in the first film. I'm still confused as to how they managed to clone someone who was reduced to cubed pieces of meat.

Either way, the group opens fire upon the house and attempts to kill the three "heroes". Ada Wong causes a diversion so Becky, and Alice can escape and we are then presented with the final hour or so of the film. As Alice, and Becky are moving about they meet up with Becky's teacher who also happens to be a clone of Rain, and has an anti-gun policy and proudly declares so before having a gun thrust into her hands by Alice. Alice leaves Becky with "Rain" and continues on her own to find Leon, Luther West, and Barry Burton. The team sent in to rescue them.

Oh look, it's Leon Kennedy. Wasn't like the character one bit.

Alice meets up with the "extraction" team in a mock-up of Russia after driving a pimped out car, and smashing it into a giant Licker which sends it sprawling into a building. She motions for the three men to get into the vehicle, and they drive off. All while being pursued by "intelligent zombies" whom are driving vehicles, and shooting guns. Leon, and Barry dispatch most of them, and then the giant Licker returns again and pursues them for a while through Moscow, before they collapse a tunnel and presumably kill it.

They get out of the vehicle and meet up again with Becky, and Good Rain and continue their adventure to get out of the facility because it's scheduled to explode and sink to the bottom of the ocean in about an hour's time. As the group continues forward, they come to the lift to get out of the facility and prepare to leave when the power shuts down, Becky is snared by the giant Licker we believed dead, as it also slashes at "good" Rain sending her sprawling into a concrete pillar, killing her but not before it also attacks Barry and wounding him pretty seriously.

Alice goes to pursue Becky, and Luther agrees to help but not before getting shot in the arm and then backing down to help Leon, and Barry to hold off the group of Umbrella Soldiers. The shoot-out continues for a while, and Barry tells Luther and Leon to leave. He states he's having too much fun. Leon, and Luther leave and Barry has a shoot-out with the group, gets shot by the soldiers and is presumably dead. We are then blessed with another glorious slow-motion scene of Barry's magnum falling as he grabs it, and kills One and then he himself finally being killed by the group of soldiers.

Giant Licker vs Pimp Mobile
Let me just say something about Mr. Kennedy in this film. Leon Kennedy is a good guy, and likes to save people. He's the complete opposite in this film, or that's what it seemed. In this film, Leon is a complete ass-hole, and told Alice she can't go save Becky because she's not worth it. The Leon I'm used to would do whatever it would take to save someone, and probably would of gone with Alice to help. Instead, he threw a hissy fit about Alice being too important. Not to mention he has a relationship with Ada Wong, and tries copping a feel at the end of the film. No. Just no.

Anyways, Alice finds Becky, rescues her and they end up in the cloning facility and Becky realizes that her real mother was a clone, and that Alice was the true Alice. Becky gets upset, and Alice says something about her being her real mother now before the Licker comes running in, Alice tosses down an explosive and they destroy the cloning facility and the Licker along with it.

The group then finally get to the surface before the entire facility floods, and they start driving off. Then, the ice breaks and an Umbrella Submarine surfaces revealing Jill Valentine, holding Ada Wong hostage and she's also with the bad Rain, and we learn that the clone Carlos had died when the facility flooded, with Jill making a get-a-way with Ada and Rain. Then, a fight ensues with Alice taking on Jill, and getting her ass kicked most of the fight, while Leon and Luther fight Rain who injects herself randomly with a Los Plagas parasite, which Leon identifies immediately. Instead of shooting her while she's injecting it, they just simply stand and watch.

Alice continues to get her ass kicked, and Rain punches Luther in the chest so hard it stops his heart, and kills him. Very anti-climatic and she also kicks Leon's ass, and prepares to kill him, but not before Alice rips off the thing on Jill's chest that was controlling her, destroys it and shoots Rain to get her attention. Rain then ensues on fighting Alice, which is probably the most boring fight ever, and disarms Alice. Jill wakes up and realizes she's no longer being controlled, and tosses the weapon to Alice. Rain does a little brag speech, and Alice shoots the ice underneath her and the smart zombies that swam to the surface pull Rain down below, and we see a swarm of hundreds, and hundreds of the zombies pulling her down and ripping her apart.

Then, the group leaves and it seems they don't even care that Luther had been killed. Totally makes no sense. On the way back in the helicopter, Leon tries coping a feel, Ada gives him a dirty look and Jill and Alice reconcile as friends once again.

Oh, you know. Just doing some Los Plagas here.

The group then arrives at the Whitehouse, and then move to the oval office and we expect to see the President, but instead we see Albert Wesker, who asks to see Alice alone. Thinking that someone was about to die, Wesker lunges towards Alice and injects her with the T-Virus, giving her all of her powers back, and explains that she's the last hope of the human race. He leads the group outside and informs us that this is the last stand of humanity and as the camera pans out we see a ton of zombies, and mutated creatures from Resident Evil games assaulting the city, with marines shooting, and dying in a ravaged land-scape.

Credits roll, and we instantly know they've set it up for yet another film. Can't really expect what the last film will be, other than more slow-motion effects, more crappy dialogue, and more stupid characters that aren't like their characters in the franchise at all. This movie was just a sack of dog-shit and from the stupid, nonsensical plot, and the annoying cast of characters there's really no place to forgive this film.

It shits on the Resident Evil franchise, and shouldn't even bear the name "Resident Evil" as it just feels like a horribly done action film set in the Resident Evil universe. Please get someone who's actually played the games to be the lead behind the film please, Mr. Anderson. It totally shows that you have no idea of any of the concepts of Resident Evil, and just decided to toss them into a film that made no sense, and was just complete ass.

Horrible film, and one of the worst I've seen in a long time. Retribution gets a 2.5 out of 10, and that's still generous.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Faceless: Minimal Teaser

So, we released a new trailer/teaser for Faceless. This one was done by Adam Sklar, and boy do I love it. Much more than mine in fact.

Faceless (Slender: Source) launches its beta in December where players will be able to explore three maps. Forest, Subway and the Hospital. With the full release coming in March 2013 where players will be able to make their own maps, and will be adding three other maps with the full release.

Thanks for all the support.

Friday, 21 September 2012

Someone Decodes All Of Faceless (Slender: Source) ARG Videos

I came across a very nice surprise today while looking through videos of Faceless (Slender: Source). A user on YouTube by the name of "WhatIsItArgonian" had decoded all of the ARG videos that were made for the mod, to help reveal a little bit about the story.

What do we know? It's all about a boy named Daniel, and the videos are "diary" entries leading up to his apparent death. You can watch the video below, and I'm glad somebody decoded all of the videos. The videos were made by Adam Sklar, and they're pretty damn awesome.

We'll be releasing a new trailer as well on October 6th, as well as the beta is going to go from closed, to an open beta in December. Keep your eyes peeled. Again, thanks for all the support. Watch the decoded video below.

Enjoy the video guys!