Thursday, 11 October 2012

Primal Carnage: Beta Impressions

Walking through the jungle, the only sound you hear is the steady rhythm of your heart. Then bam, eaten by a dinosaur.
Primal Carnage is a video game developed by Lukewarm Media where players can take the role from one of five classes on two teams. First, you have the classic, and standard Human team which varies from the Commando. A large, muscular black man who wields a fairly large assault rifle that shoots grenades, and he just looks bad-ass. To the insane, and carnage causing Pyro who seems to be a (Scottish?) man dressed in some rather "unique" gear and wields a flamethrower with a chainsaw attachment. If you want bad-ass, he's got it.

Then we have the dinosaur team, and probably the team everyone loves playing because...well you can run around as a T-Rex and eat people. Who doesn't want to do that? Plus it feels pretty damn awesome. I haven't gotten a chance to touch most of the dinosaur classes, but I did mess around a bit with the Rex (of course) and the Velociraptor and have to say both have decent enough controls. I find the dinosaurs hard to control, and actually prefer playing as a human. Could just be me fumbling as I'm not really a person to play competitive/fps games on PC.

Hopefully they add some X360 controller support later on (or I might have bypassed it). I'd probably feel much more comfortable attempting the game, but it's still a blast. The game is currently only in the beta right now, and you can gain access by pre-ordering the game on Steam for $14.99

It can be quite a blast, and if you need more confirmation here's a video of me playing it and well..getting eaten a lot.

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