Sunday, 4 November 2012

Darth Vader in Kingdom Hearts?

With Disney recently buying Lucasfilms, and announcing that they plan on having Star Wars Episode VII to be on the big screen in 2015, lots of speculation has been floating around and come about for the future of the beloved Star Wars franchise. 

The first of the main two concerns being the Episode 7 film. Is it really worth making a new trilogy this late in the game, especially with what plot has been leaked? Could we really be interested in the future of Luke Skywalker, his sister Leia and Han Solo? Let's face it, the actors are a little weary and we'd probably have to get a new cast to play the characters. However, I hope this is in-fact a false rumor and instead I'm hoping the writers (would love to see Joss Whedon) dip a bit into the numerous amount of novels, and video-games. 

Could we handle another prequel trilogy but this time centered around the Sith Lord Revan? Maybe have a trilogy in the bad guy's POV for once. Focus more on the villain again, bring back the glorious memories of Lord Vader, and bring another Sith Lord to life. However, I feel deep down that with the so-called "success" of the Old Republic MMORPG that we can expect a film to be set during that time. This is all speculation and rumors, but who knows what will happen. There's a lot of source material to be used, it just needs to be done right, and let's be honest...the new trilogy isn't that great.

The iconic fight scene between Luke Skywalker, and his father Darth Vader.
Another thing fans have been curious about is if we'll get to see Star Wars characters in future iterations of their largest, and well known gaming franchise "Kingdom Hearts". There isn't a reason to doubt that in a future Kingdom Hearts game we'll see some memorable faces from the Star Wars universe. Darth Vader as a main villain would definitely put some interest back into the series, and could be great marketing strategy as well. Sell the game to Star Wars enthusiasts!

Sure, it would be a little weird to see Darth Vader strolling about with some Disney villains like Scar, or something but it could probably bring up some interesting stories. Besides, could you imagine two of the worlds most well known villains teamed up and taking on Sora and friends? Darth Vader & Sephiroth causing some serious damage. It could spell out some serious "nerd orgasms" for some fans of Kingdom Hearts, Star Wars, and Final Fantasy in general.

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