Friday, 21 September 2012

Someone Decodes All Of Faceless (Slender: Source) ARG Videos

I came across a very nice surprise today while looking through videos of Faceless (Slender: Source). A user on YouTube by the name of "WhatIsItArgonian" had decoded all of the ARG videos that were made for the mod, to help reveal a little bit about the story.

What do we know? It's all about a boy named Daniel, and the videos are "diary" entries leading up to his apparent death. You can watch the video below, and I'm glad somebody decoded all of the videos. The videos were made by Adam Sklar, and they're pretty damn awesome.

We'll be releasing a new trailer as well on October 6th, as well as the beta is going to go from closed, to an open beta in December. Keep your eyes peeled. Again, thanks for all the support. Watch the decoded video below.

Enjoy the video guys!

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