Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Stranded! - The Side Project

Ignore the crappy image I made for this article.

As shown in the above text please try and avoid how horrible that image is, it's kind of rushed and made for this article. Either way, I've decided to create a little side-project while Faceless (Slender: Source) is in production, and gives me something mess around with and what-not in my free time. So, what is Stranded! you may be asking? It's an island survival simulator that you'll be able to play online with friends, and down below are some details for what you can expect in the alpha release which should be released in a couple of months for the public, and hopefully for the press.

  • Four player co-op where you and three other friends can explore the vast island chain (three islands), look for supplies/food, and see how many days you can survive. Or, you can tackle the game solo and see how many days you'll be able to survive alone. 
  • Hunt animals for food. Every animal in the game will drop meat that players can cook to combat starvation and gain energy.  Also, some of the animals may drop other items which can be used to aid your survival. For example, chickens will drop feathers for fishing and some poisonous snakes will drop venom so you can make antidotes, or poison your weapons.
  • 2D top-down view, ensuring that even people with dated computers will be able to explore, and play this game. No insane hardware requirements here. Everyone will be able to enjoy Stranded!
  • Everything can pose a threat/kill you. Eating certain meat uncooked will give you food poisoning, and drinking certain types of water can make you will. Not to mention the different animals scattered around the islands that will be able to kill you.
  • 3 islands, each with their own benefits and risks. The first island will be the easiest to survive on, but yield the worst supplies, where as the other two islands are progressively better. With the third island being the hardest to survive on, but yield the best food and supplies.
  • Ocean exploration so players can gather seafood, and other sea-life for food and supply purposes. Yes, you'll be able to encounter sharks!
  • Achievements
  • Leaderboard System showing who's survived the longest (number of days). Your solo play also counts towards the leaderboard, as does playing with your friends.
  • Perma-death system where when your character dies you lose everything. Tools, weapons, food, gear, etc. You essentially start over as a new person on the first island. The co-operative game will work the same way.
  • Players will also need to survive the elements, this includes massive rain-storms, hurricanes, and more. Hurricanes will actually toss around debris such as fallen logs, etc which will be able to kill or injure players.
  • Free to play.
  • And more!
So, that's essentially what I'm working on for this game. There's been some basic programming done, and I've designed some of the basic vegetation you'll come across such as palm trees, and ferns. Not enough to show off yet, but it's a start. I'm going to estimate having the Alpha out around November. Either, way thanks for all the support towards Faceless (Slender: Source) and my development team Ethereal Entertainment.

Standed! has nothing to do with Faceless, or Ethereal Entertainment and is simply a solo project that I'm doing on the side. 

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