Friday, 14 September 2012

Slender: Source Devs Take Suggestions Into Account, and rename mod Faceless

So, I recently changed the name of Slender: Source to the Operator, due to suggestions from the development team. Unknown to myself the name had actually been copyrighted by Marble Hornets and we've yet again been forced to change the name of the mod again, which frustrates me beyond no end and kind of makes me want to stab someone, with my Slendy tentacles.

Either way, the new name if "Faceless" and we aren't budging from that name. It describes Slenderman, and you know details the fact of him having no face. I do apologize for the name changes, as it really hurts me but the community didn't like the name "The Operator" and I want to provide for the community.

From here on in, Slender: Source will be named "Faceless".

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