Friday, 14 September 2012

Slender: Source being renamed to "The Operator"

Keep calm, the image above doesn't mean we're canceling Slender: Source, we're just renaming it to "The Operator" which is just another name for the Slenderman, and it ties in with the story we're doing for the game since in the ARG videos, that's what he is referenced as.

The main reason we're doing the name change is free any confusion people are having think we're partnered with Mark J. Hadley in creating Slender: The Eight Pages, or if he's helping us with "Slender: Source". Our games are completely different, and the name change should help free up the confusion.

Plus, with the Source title in the mod we could have a rough time getting Greenlit so hence the name change there as well. Plus, Slender: Source was a lazy, and boring name. I much prefer "The Operator" more. Keep a look out, as in the next few days we'll be changing the name, and images on ModDB, and the Steam Greenlight page to reflect the change.

Still though, please show your support and vote for us! It means a lot. - Slender: Source/ The Operator Greenlight

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