Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Resident Evil 6 Demo - It's Just Awful

So, the Resident Evil 6 demo came out to the public today on XBL and PSN. Being a massive Resident Evil fan, I had to download the demo as soon as it came out, and immediately I was disappointed.

I'm going to clear something up first. The last Resident Evil game I truly enjoyed was Resident Evil 4, but possibly the remake of the first RE title more. I felt that the series took a huge nose-dive when Resident Evil 5 was release, and I found that game just to be utterly stupid, even though the co-op element redeemed it some-what, the smell of the shitty direction it was about to take was overwhelming all through-out the game.

Fast-forward to 2012 and we get Resident Evil 6 to be released on October 2nd for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Windows. The demo for this game was brought out today for the public, and people have been diving into one of the most iconic game franchises of all time. However, I feel that Resident Evil 6 may be the worst game of the series, and quite possibly be the last thing that kills the entire franchise for me (the films weakened it quite a bit though). Resident Evil 6 just feels like it's taken the franchise people have grown to love, and tossed it into a completely different direction that doesn't make any sense.

Remember back in the days of the old RE titles where us gamers actually were nervous, and frightened playing the games? Especially Resident Evil 2. That game was utterly terrifying, and would constantly have me on the edge of my seat, and the series seemed to keep it's "horror" elements up until about Resident Evil 4, and then we got RE 5 which totally swung the game into a new, and shitty direction.

Now, I can't judge the final product of what RE6 will be on release from this demo, because it's short, clunky and doesn't exactly give much on a game-play level (if you count mindless running around and shooting a game, I don't). Plus, you're given three campaigns which brings Chris Redfield, and Leon Kennedy back, where as in the third campaign you're playing as Albert Wesker's son, and Sherry Birkin (their fathers started the whole outbreak in Raccoon City), and let's be honest here. The campaigns, and story elements presented in the demo are plan boring, and completely not fun. However, where Chris and Jake's (I think that's his name) campaigns fail, Leon's totally picks up the slack and at-least provides a somewhat enjoyable experience.

If you hate the new style of enemies in the franchise since RE4, then Leon's campaign will probably be the one for you, as it seems to be focused on the enemies we all know too well from the classic RE games. The actual zombies, not the mindless/savage townsfolk. Actual undead, and as a classic RE fan this made me happy. Either way, check out the demo for yourself and don't let my over-critical opinion sway your decision.

You may enjoy the demo, I just thought it was dog-shit. Ah well, expect a review of the game when it releases in October. Who knows, my views might change, but it's doubtful.

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