Monday, 27 August 2012

Horror Mod "Inquietude" Looks All Kinds of Amazing

I don't usually get all giddy when I see a horror mod on ModDB. You really need to capture my attention, and give me something that looks brilliant and feels brilliant all at the same time. Inquietude does just that. Now, the mod hasn't been released and won't be until Q2 in 2013, so it's still a ways away from getting into our grubby hands. But, I remain excited.

Sadly, I don't know too much about the mod other than the fact that it looks straight up horrifying, and from what's been shown I can probably say it'll be one of the best experiences we'll have next year.

It definitely feels like it's going to do things right, and I definitely feel like I'm gonna get scared playing this mod. As I've mentioned I don't usually get this excited about a mod, but this one just looks like the horror perfection I've wanted for such a long time. Especially since I was kinda disappointed with Grey, and Cry Of Fear. It seems like Inquietude is going to rectify all of that, and make me one happy horror fan.

Mod Of The Year material? I think so. It looks like mods will have a little competition next year over on MODDB. Inquietude looks like all kinds of fantastic. I eagerly away the release date.

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