Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Dead Space 3: Gamescom Preview

So, Visceral just showed off some stuff at Gamescom about Dead Space 3, and I'm not entirely sure why people are throwing it all under the bus already. We only got about 3 minutes of footage, and it honestly doesn't shout "This game sucks" out at me, but let's talk about what was shown.

First off, we're given this little hint at how players will be able to customize their own weapons.  Seems pretty cool, and I have nothing against this at all. People complaining that a chaingun with a grenade launcher attachment will take away from the horror, I don't see how. A weapon shouldn't change the experience at all. We still got some pretty large, bad-ass weapons in Dead Space before and the tension, and fright factor was still there. I'm not too worried about this, I still think they'll be able to toss out a good game. Dead Space, and Dead Space 2 were both very successful games in my opinion.

Then, we have one hell of an opening sequence which seems to show Isaac Clarke in an exploding space ship, leaping from his ship to grab his helmet in space. More people complaining about how this isn't realistic. Since when were space zombies, and exploding alien babies realistic? Honestly, I think Dead Space 3 will be fine, it may not be as amazing as Dead Space 2 but I'm sure it'll be a fine game. It is my most anticipated game of 2013, and I have high hopes for it.

Bring on the Necromorphs.

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