Friday, 24 August 2012

The New Slenderman - Slender: Source Take On The Slenderman

Everytime we put something new into Slender: Source my hands get shaky, and I constantly worry if people will take it well, and enjoy it once the release comes around. It's pretty tough making a mod, and I've been told by countless people that making a game for commercial sale is a little bit easier and that gives me hope for when we finish Slender: Source.

Anyways, let's talk about the Slenderman for a second and my issues with how he was portrayed in Slender by Parsec Productions.

This doesn't exactly shout fear at me. He just looks like a kid
molded a bunch of clay together. Makes me sad, the Unity engine has made some gorgeous looking
models and games. I found it impossible to be scared of him after a few

I might get some shit for it, but I'm not the only one with a little dislike for how Slenderman looked in Slender. And we've taken those people's opinions and we've made him look quite interesting for Slender: Source. I've got the concept art, and an early screenshot of his model below. Enjoy guys, because this is our take on the Slenderman, and what he'll look like in Slender: Source.

We hope you guys enjoy Slender: Source, and we hope this model appeals to you all. Again, it's currently a WIP and still has some work to be done to it. Just showing off what our Slenderman is gonna look like.


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