Thursday, 9 August 2012

Transformers: FoC - Demo Thoughts -

So, I've just got done playing the Transformers: FoC demo that is up on Xbox Live, and I think PSN. I'm not too sure, but I just spent about two hours playing the demo, which included playing both of the missions and the multiplayer component, and I've decided to do a little write-up about it.

So, for the missions you play as Bumblebee and Vortex. Each have their own play-styles, weapons and means of combat which is pretty cool. Bumblebee can turn into a car, and Vortex turns into a helicopter but can also turn into a jet to fly faster, so that's pretty cool. The game felt solid, and from what I played the story was really engaging, and drew me back into the days of when I'd watch Transformers G1. That's a good thing.

Then, I dipped into the multiplayer and was quite honestly blown away. The main thing that got me happy was the customization and the ability to create your own Autobots, and Decepitcons which I think every kid wanted to do when Transformers G1 was in production (The Michael Bay stuff doesn't exist). So, I dabbled with that a bit and created my own Transformer who is like a pink color and in my head I named him "Canadiatron". The combat is also pretty damn flawless, and I enjoyed that quite a lot too and my god does it feel amazing to start blowing up the other team with rockets, transform into your vehicle form, fly towards them and smash them to pieces.

It's pure bliss, and I'll be buying this game on day one. Such a solid experience. If anyone is on the fence, please download the demo. It's so good.

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