Sunday, 29 July 2012

Slender: Source News For July, 29th 2012

It kinda bugs me that people are reporting that we are part of Parsec Productions. We're our own standalone studio 'Ethereal Entertainment' and we've gotten Mark J Hadley's blessing to produce and finish Slender: Source, and we're really proud to have his support in our first endeavor making a video-game. So again, we're our own development team, and Slender: Source isn't related to, or a direct sequel to Slender by Parsec & Mark J Hadley.

However, in other news there's been some detail leaks about Slender: Source that I need to correct. We said the game MAY be released in February or March of 2013, but we weren't too sure if we'd have a solid game by then that people can enjoy. You can expect it in 2013 sometime, but as for early 2013 we're gonna do our best. That gives us around 8 months of development time, and since we're only doing two maps for the first release that shouldn't be such a difficult task. We've got a ton of models being made, both of the maps have some pretty sweet progress done on them, and the coding is starting to get a little more completed.

We've also got a pretty awesome person doing our decal art for us that you'll see in-game. This is essentially going to be in the form of notes, diary pages, and just creepy imagery you'll see plastered on some of the maps. Here's an example of one.

Another thing I'd like to cover is that we're going to keep the isolated feel that players experienced, and expect from something like this. Players will be split up from the get go and their best chances of survival is to reunite, and only one of them has a flashlight. The other players will still be able to see and everything, it's just the flashlight will prove a very useful asset. However, if the player carrying it dies it'll be able to be picked up, so no worries there.

Adding to the isolated experience is the way we're working with voice-chat. You'll only be able to communicate with people within your vicinity, and you won't be able to speak to the dead. We realize third-party programs would ruin this, but if people want to ruin their experience that's fine with me.

Also, each experience shouldn't be the same when you play Slender: Source. We're not going to have randomly generated maps, but the scares & dolls are going to be different every-time. The dolls will spawn in different locations, and the scares won't happen in the same places either.

A common question we're getting is people applying for beta testers, etc. We're no where near the point of looking for testers. Wait till we release a formal announcement about it, but until then we're not doing beta testing until we have a stable product.

Also, to all the people thinking this won't be scary. Some of the development team has been jumping during testing of the maps, etc. If we're getting scared by our own creation we hope other people do to.

Until then, we hope you're all excited for the mod and we can't wait to play with you guys in-game.

- Justin Ross

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