Friday, 27 July 2012

Slender: Source Intentions

Justin "Manio" Ross here, and I'd just like toss out a little bit of information out to the community, and hopefully clear up a ton of confusion, and problems that have recently arisen with the mod, and with people watching the mod's progress.

People have been concerned that we're trying to cash in on the success of the indie horror title "Slender" developed by Mark J Hadley, but this is not the case. We're all huge fans of his game on the development team, and huge fans of the Slenderman mythos as well. Slender: Source (name subject to change) is purely an inspirational piece to show our love for Slender, and the urban legend around the creature. We apologize formally to Mark J Hadley, and want him to know that we're not trying to undermine, or do anything negative on what was already presented with Slender.

It's a fantastic game; and we're just trying to show it some love by developing this and we hope that this can clear some things up and we can discuss the future of our games together, and provide some truly horrific scares to the gamer community, which he has done marvelously with Slender.

The name change is purely because we don't want people to think we're a "sequel" or "spin-off" to Slender. We're our own creation, and own take on the myths and we don't want to take any credit, and what-not for the original Slender, and the inspiration it has given us.

Slender is a brilliant game, and everyone here at Ethereal Entertainment can see it becoming a solid experience that will probably be one of the best horror games of all time, and we know for a fact there's no competing with it, and we never even planned on competing. We just wanted to put our own "spin" on the Slenderman legend, completely separate from what Mark and Parsec Productions provided for players.

It should be mentioned that without his game; we never would of designed Slender: Source. Being a fan of the mythos for a while myself I never knew that a Slenderman game could work until I saw his project, played it & fell in love. I mainly started development of Slender: Source for something my friends and I could run about it, and really never wanted it to become huge and gain media coverage. I just wanted something people I was close to could experience together; since we all adored Slender.

Anyways, please go here and play the original game and tell Mark J. Hadley about the wonderful job that he's doing with Slender.

Everyone here would like to tell Mark directly that we love his work, and we all would purchase his game if he plans to distribute it; and that no ill intentions were planned with Slender: Source, and that we wish him the best of luck with Slender. It's one of our favorite games!

- Justin Ross
Founder of Ethereal Entertainment

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